Chief Warden Training


The Chief Warden plays a unique role before, during and after emergencies. This position, as leader of the Emergency Control Organisation, needs a person with specific personal strengths and training.


Often a team of people are trained as Chief Warden to allow control to be taken by a competent person whenever an emergency occurs.


The AS3745 recommends that the person selected as Chief Warden should:

  • Be capable of and available to perform their duties;
  • Be capable of leading and taking command;
  • Display effective decision making skills;
  • Demonstrate the capability of remaining calm under pressure
  • Be capable of effectively communicating with occupants and visitors;
  • Be familiar with the facility; and
  • Be able to undergo relevant training.


Compliance Emergency Planning provides Chief Warden training to ensure they understand their role and responsibilities. The training can include instruction on the operation of Occupant Warning System and Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems.


Ensure a Chief Warden is always available by training more than one person.