Compliance Emergency Planning Package


There are a number of components required by AS3745 to ensure that the obligations and duty of care are met by the Emergency Planning Committee. Compliance Emergency Planning have bundled these together into a package for clients who wish to ensure that all these requirements are being met. There are two parts to the package:


  1. The initial creation of documents and other measures to prepare the facility. This is the Set Up Stage.
  2. The ongoing program of training that happens each year. This is the Annual Program.


The following details show how you can rely on Compliance Emergency Planning to set up your emergency plan measures and continue to organise and provide services to ensure the facility complies.


The following items are provided at Set Up stage:


  • The Emergency Plan (EP) document.

To create the EP Compliance Emergency Planning consult with the Emergency Planning Committee. The usual practice is to provide training to the Emergency Planning Committee. This ensures they understand their role and make the decisions that are required for the EP. That way the people with vested interest in the facility have ownership of the EP.

Compliance Emergency Planning will visit and insect the facility to gather information the Emergency Planning Committee needs for the emergency plan.


  • Evacuation Diagrams are created to the specification of the Standard and in the quantities required to adequately serve the facility.


The Annual Program delivers the following items during the twelve month period:


  • Chief Warden training.
  • Warden Training or skills retention courses. Wardens are required to meet at least every six months, so two sessions are provided over the twelve month period. Some facilities that have a large number of wardens, or multiple shifts may require more than one warden training session each six months.
  • An emergency response exercise (e.g. trial evacuation), once per year.
  • All scheduling and delivery of training and exercises to ensure they occur at frequencies according to the Standard.
  • Record keeping of each training session and emergency response exercise including:
    •  Minutes of the meetings.
    •  Results and recommendations from the exercise.
    •  Attendance registers.
  • Creation and maintenance of the warden register.
  • An annual review of the emergency plan and evacuation diagrams.
  • Annual certification of compliance with these aspects of AS3745.


When Compliance Emergency Planning is engaged to provide this package your facility receives the components required for ongoing compliance with AS3745.


Rely on Compliance Emergency Planning to ensure your training is done on time, with compliant record keeping to meet your duty of care and to keep occupants safe.