Emergency Plan

The Emergency Plan (EP) is a document that defines the responsibilities for planning the prevention, mitigation and response to emergency in the facility. It defines the role of the Emergency Planning Committee and the Emergency Control Organisation. It includes details of:


  • The emergency features of the facility.
  • The results of a risk analysis that determined the emergencies that need to be considered.
  • The responses to each emergency
  • Evacuation Diagrams
  • The means of raising the alarm.
  • The frequency of training that the Emergency Control Organisation will receive.
  • The validity period of the EP

This is an essential component of complying with AS3745.

For a complete list of required components go to Compliance Emergency Planning Package.

The EP is a combination of established responses and customisation to the specifics of the facility. Compliance Emergency Planning works with the Emergency Planning Committee to develop the EP to ensure it suits the needs of the facility and meets the requirements of AS3745.


With an EP that complies to the Standard, our clients have one more plank in the platform of measures that show due care has been taken to protect occupants, employees and the public.

Ask Compliance Emergency Planning about an EPC workshop to develop EPC member skills and provide guidance in developing the emergency plan