Evacuation Diagrams

One of the strategies that the Emergency Planning Committee can employ to ensure that occupants are prepared to respond to an emergency correctly is to install signs, known as Evacuation Diagrams(EDs). The design and content of the EDs is specified by AS3745 – Planning for emergencies in facilities.

The main feature of the ED is the floor plan showing where the sign is located (the ‘You Are Here’ point) the exits, the paths of travel to the nearest exits etc. The size of the floor plan must meet the minimum requirements of AS3745. Either A4 or A3 EDs can be created. On A4 size the floor signs the essential items must be shown. These include all of the following when present:

This is an essential component of complying with AS3745.

For a complete list of required components go to Compliance Emergency Planning Package.

  • A pictorial representation of the floor or area;
  • The ‘You are here’ locations;
  • The designated exits;
  • Warden intercommunication points; Manual call points; Main controls for the occupant warning system;
  • Hose reels; extinguishers; fire blankets;
  • Fire indicator panel;
  • Refuges;
  • Validity Date;
  • Assembly area;
  • Legend.


If the Emergency Planning Committee decides additional information is needed on the EDs, the size must be larger – A3. This, of course, makes the required size of the floor plan larger too. Additional information that could be added includes:


  • Direction of opening of doors on designated exits;
  • North;
  • First aid stations;
  • Hazardous chemical store / spill response kits;
  • Emergency information;
  • Paths of travel;
  • Fire and smoke doors;
  • Hydrants


The number and location of the ED is decided by the Emergency Planning Committee. Compliance Emergency Planning can provide guidance on strategic places for the ‘You Are Here’ points to ensure that the duty of care to occupants has been met by the Emergency Planning Committee.


The AS3745 requires that the EDs have a period of validation. They should also be reviewed regularly to ensure that they are still accurate. Compliance Emergency Planning performs this review annually as part of the compliance package.


Use the Compliance Emergency Planning Package to ensure your EDs are reviewed every year. This ensures the facilities have accurate EDs, in the right places.