Fire Service Provider Liaison

Building owners in NSW have a responsibility under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation to maintain essential safety measures to the standard to which they were installed. Every year the building owner must complete an Annual Fire Safety Statement and submit it to the local Council and NSW Fire & Rescue. This statement confirms the equipment will perform to the Installation Standard.


The most obvious way to maintain essential safety measures is by engaging a reputable fire maintenance company who can inspect, test and maintain safety measures such as:

  • sprinkler systems;
  • hydrant systems;
  • hose reel systems;
  • fire detection systems;
  • occupant warning systems;
  • emergency lights;
  • exit lights;
  • fire extinguishers;
  • fire blankets.


The trouble is, building owners need to be experts in the fire industry to know what servicing is required, what extra need to be done and if they are receiving value for money.


They are faced with questions like:

  • how often does each item need to be tested and what needs to be done?
  • what is the difference between the Installation Standard and the Service Standard?
  • what determines the ‘Installation Standard’?
  • what happens if an item needs repair?
  • what reporting is required?
  • is the building being adequately serviced -or too much or too little?
  • are we getting what we paid for?; and
  • when things become dire…can we change service companies?


Compliance Emergency Planning can work for building owners to liaise with the fire service provider of their choice to agree:

  • the levels of service that are required and to what standard.
  • the reporting that is required.
  • what to do with the information received.


Compliance Emergency Planning removes the ‘smoke and mirrors’ that often surround fire servicing agreements. we can help:

  • when setting up a service contract with a service provider;
  • when reviewing the reports and recommendations of the service provider;
  • mid contract to ensure what is being paid for is being delivered;
  • when the AFSS is due;
  • when renewing or reviewing contractors.

Ensure your fire protection dollar is being spent wisely with an insightful review from Compliance Emergency Planning.